What protects against the combatant from evolving? Component 1 – Greed

By John Sage Melbourne

The feeling of greed may at first appear inconsistent to what would make up an barrier to becoming an investor. One could assume that if a person were greedy then they would naturally incline investing. However this is not the situation (at least not in the way that we indicate ‘spending’).

Intelligent investing requires a large amount of emotional maturation and also restriction. It additionally requires a large amount of intellectual perceptivity and also sophistication to appropriately manage one’s degree of danger and also exposure. In contrast,a person driven primarily by greed will most likely exhibit practices that are more detailed to ‘betting’ with their money on highly speculative ‘deals’. They will often take bigger dangers (without a robust danger administration strategy) for the sake of obtaining large and also fast benefits. The basic difference is that the greedy do not invest,instead they simply wish to get.

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People driven by greed are often attracted by ‘get abundant quick’ systems and also consequently never truly develop themselves as a true investor that recognizes how to construct lasting riches. As a matter of fact,they truly don’t wish to construct riches (especially in time),all they wish to do is get lots of money and also get it now. Because the greedy do not invest intelligently in such a method as to manage their danger while additionally managing their returns,they will often participate in dangerous transactions that get their proverbial fingers burnt from time to time (if not often).

Therefore,they can often come to be negatively conditioned and also form unfavorable ideas about genuine investing. Hence,being driven by greed often causes becoming (and also remaining) a illinformed battler.

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