If you are serious about growing spiritually the Elders are serious about helping you.  We have a discipleship program that starts with the Fundamentals of the Faith and moves on to learning about why we do the things we do in our Genesis Change Groups.  Our next class focuses on learning what God’s Word says about our local church.   After learning about the community aspect of Christianity, that is, serving and loving one another, the process moves on to equip people to learn how to study the Bible.  Next, the Truth Project helps people build a solid biblical worldview, minimizing the possibility of being taken captive by worldly philosophies.  The Spiritual Growth Process concludes with understanding and applying the spiritual disciplines into our daily walk.  These classes emphasize the importance of knowing God’s Word, and we encourage people to move into teaching positions if possible.  Discipleship is learning, walking and teaching!  We all need a Paul, Barnabas and Timothy in our lives.  Remember, if you aren’t actively growing you are standing still or coasting!  Come, get involved, and see what God has in store for you!