7 Ways To Use Giveaways to Increase Blog Traffic

Every business person understands the importance of internet in advertising andprompting his or her businesses or companies. However,simply having internetpresence cannot do much without constant and appreciable amount of traffic. Socialmedia on the other hand determine web traffic,which has taken internet withstorm since their inception.

Those who succeed in internet marketing have insatiable appetite for web traffic. If you havea business then you probably understand this and looking for the best ways toincrease your blog traffic. Several ways exist but currently one way supersedesthem- the use of giveaways. This is very understandable because there is not asingle person on earth who does not love gifts.

The question is how can you use giveaways to increase blog traffic? Here we havediscussed seven simple,practical and effective ways on how to use giveaways soas to cause traffic explosion to your blog or website.

1. Look for an enticing stuff to give away

 You do not want to spend much money on giveaways but still offer something that yourguests will be happy and proud of. This can be a tricky thing to pull off. However,if you crack your head you will get something worthy to give away. An example offreebies you can consider if you are selling gift baskets are clearance items. Becausethese are the products you are dealing,offering them as gifts will spread themessage like wildfire.

2. Use action/reward model

The nature of humans is that they will respond positively if they are rewarded for somethingthey have done. This is also true with internet marketing. In other words,youcan encourage your visitors to get more visitors by rewarding them. Let yourvisitors know that if they can publicize the giveaway you are offering them intheir social networking accounts such as blogs,twitter,Facebook as well asother forums,they will receive an extra award or entry. If done properly,youwill definitely see some good growth in the amount of traffic to your blog.

3. Make it a habit to always give away

An old adage that whoever licks honey does it more than once is as true today as itwas when it was first spoken. If you make it your habit to offer giveaways,your visitors will also form the habit of coming back to your website or blog againand a gain to check if such gifts are still there. Making it a habit always to giveaway,they will find something every time they visit your blog. In the end,chances are that they will become permanent visitors and even spread the wordabout your blog.

4. Advertise your freebie

People can only look for what they have heard about. If you have a free gift to give onyour blog,it is necessary to advertise it so that people can visit your blogto find out. The best way to advertise your freebie is to take advantage of thepopular social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. To be effective,ensure youuse certain keywords including free,contest or giveaways because these are thewords visitors search for in the search engines.

5. Give out products related to your blog

To ensure that you can retain the visitors you have and even get more,your giveawayshould be a product related to what you are dealing in. There is a very simplereason to this. Various blogs promote or advertise different products. Poor orwrong choice of a giveaway may actually promote another blog dealing in such aproduct if it is not something your blog is related to.

6. Offer free advertising on your blog

If your blog has been established and has gained sufficient popularity and with appreciablenumber of subscribers,then you can offer free advertising as a giveaway. Don’t know how to start a blog? Learn more at https://deliciouslysavvy.com/why-your-freelancing-career-isnt-working/.This willattract not only individual visitors but also bloggers with their following.After all,advertising is a headache for many internet marketers.

7. Employ viral promotional methods

The final tip on how to use giveaways to increase blog traffic is to use promotionalmethods that are designed to be viral in nature. Ideas such as “retweet thismessage to twitter to qualify for this free product,” “like us on Facebook toqualify for this free product,” and “enter your name and email address toqualify for this free product” can tremendously increase traffic to your blog. Thousandsof people could see this message in a single night not to mention those whowill take appropriate step.

If you use these methods well,you can see your blog grow in popularity in terms of thenumber of subscribers and visitors in a record time. You also need to be alittle bit more creative to pull these off; otherwise they may not work wellfor you.

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